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Association agrees to arrange for self management of colony

At a meeting in March 2013 the Kingsway Allotment Association agreed to negotiate with Cheshire West and Chester Council to manage the allotment site on behalf of its members.


Once complete the Association will be responsible for all matters related to running the allotment colony, inclding allocation and monitoring of plots, collection of rents, supply of water, agreeing tenancies for new plotholders etc.

High rise at plot 2A

Start of project to grow carrots out of carrot fly range as I have not been able to grow them in the past.

Carrot tops are now starting to die back at the end of the season, already had approx 10lbs up to now with no carrot fly damage


End result after a fruitful season and still more to come, also grew rocket without flea Beatle damage which I have suffered from on the allotment in the past.


I also grew a good crop of spring onions very well without any white rot.


All in all very pleased with the overall results of this project.


Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Steve plot 2a.


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